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Saturday, November 01, 2003

NaNo Day One

Well, I blew last year's first day word count away by something like 900 words, but I'm having major plot difficulties and motivational issues.

I'm finding that the whole letter only thing will probably not work for what I'm trying to do, not to mention that I'm becoming less and less clear about what exactly I am trying to do.

I think it could be a good story, just not quite sure about the execution, I guess.

Also feeling like a slacker because I blew my prime writing opportunity in the middle of the day when everyone was out of the house by falling asleep. Granted, the 4 1/2 hours I got before the children got up wasn't much to work with.

I look at other peoples' word counts and feel like a dolt. I guess I need to remind myself that, for one thing, I only type thirty or forty words a minute at most, and for another, I'm not in competition with anyone but myself.

I have self-esteem issues.


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