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Monday, January 24, 2005

Snow and Yarn

That was yesterday's theme (mostly yarn).

I spent half an hour digging my car out so that I would be able to get out of my parking space with a minimum of wheel-spinning and frustrated digging. I have to say that I did a most excellent job. I gave myself enough space front and back to be able to maneuver out practically as effortlessly as if the snow piles at either end of my car had been car bumpers instead.

I also still had my space both times I came home today, and when I came home from work I finished shoveling out enough of a space in front of my car for him to be able to park when he gets home.

Of course, I now have snow shovel muscles and may be skipping Curves again tomorrow because of soreness in the large muscle groups between my knees and the base of my skull. But it's a good sore, right?

As for yarn, once I got my car freed from the snow and had finished the Sunday crossword, Cryptoquip, and Word Find, I spent the afternoon rotating, in roughly fifteen-minute intervals, between the back of Big Sack (which is now 6 rows from its decreases), my mom's sock (the cuff is just over 5" long--I'm going for 6") and the hat I'm making from the red licorice I got at JoAnn (it's still got some work, but it's fun yarn). I'm discovering that large needles hurt my hands more than the small ones, so I worked on the sock twice as much as I did on either of the other two things.

I'll work on something this evening, but I'm not sure I'll do the full rotation. I haven't finished dividing the stitches for my second sock yet, and I don't think I'll do that this evening.

If we only get a little snow on Wednesday I'll probably go to the knitting circle at Buckhill Books again. I don't necessarily mind driving in snow, I'm just not crazy about sharing the roads with the fishtailing crazy people. Of course, the roads are usually spectacularly better in the county than they are in the city.

Okay, back to paying bills and dealing with the avalanche that is my desk. Organizing is not my strong suit, I wish I could get better about it.


At 8:35 AM, Blogger um said...

oh no, are we supposed to get more snow??? aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! say it isn't so. thank goodness for knitting - makes cabin fever seem like a mild case of sniffles :)


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