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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Am I Knitting?

Sort of. I am knitting, it just seems to be going slowly. I started a Sophie Saturday evening using Noro Kureyon #74. I'm still nearly twenty rows short of the i-cord stage, just goes to show you just how slowly I knit, but I don't mind terribly. This is why I'm not knitting gifts, possibly ever. I like how it's striping and I like the feel of the yarn, but but balls I have used so far have had breaks and/or knots fairly early on, so I have more ends than I would have expected. Other than that, I'm enjoying my first Noro experience.

I'm still working on a sock, I need to start another baby blanket square, and I need to finish the cable scarf.

I visited another local yarn shop, the West Earl Woolen Mill, on Saturday. They have mostly Red Heart and Sugar and Cream stuff, but there is also quite a bit of fairly inexpensive Patons merino ($4.55 or so for 100g balls) and Boye needles. I was good and only bought a couple of balls of sock yarn to eventually make my parents socks and needles I needed for that and my Sophie. The new sock needles are US 3 bright orange Boye dpns, very festive -- I see why Harlot likes them so much.

Now that I know for sure that she got my last package, I can say that the recipient of my Secret Pal gifts was Kim. I enjoyed spoiling her a little and getting to know more about her.

I have been working out fairly regularly, but I've also been consuming way too much vendor-sponsored chocolate at work. I'm hoping to break even at my next measurement session.

Oh, I've done a 100 list, but I haven't had time to sit and type it up, I'll get it here soon, really.


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