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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Thinking About It

Posting, that is. I've been thinking about it for the past week, but haven't sat down to it until now. Not sure why, especially since we got DSL last week so everything goes faster than it used to.

I guess it's because things are happening in non-blog segments of my life that I'm trying to process.

It might also be because I've been working furiously on the multi-directional scarf to donate to Arch Street Center for their annual fundraiser this weekend. It's taking a bath in the sink as I type.

I'm also not exactly sure about how it's going here. I don't really know what I want it to be, and if it's living up to anything. It should probably fall somewhere in the intersection of knitting, writing, and random life, and I'm not sure it's succeeding.


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