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Thursday, May 12, 2005

My Maryland

I've been reading everyone's accounts of MDS&W, and it seems that everyone else met tons more people than I did and had more dinner parties and bought more things. But that's okay, because I had a lovely time, even though I wandered the festival most of the day on my own.

I got up early, but not early enough to go to Stephanie's breakfast. I drove down on seemingly empty highways (just one of the good things about early-Sunday-morning travel), and wished I'd had my camera at the ready when I got on I-70. There was a huge mileage sign announcing distances to places including Columbus, St. Louis (845), and Denver (1700). I, personally, was going less than 12 miles on that particular highway, but I liked the sense of possibility it offered.

I reached the fairgrounds at just after 9 am on Sunday (would have been sooner, but I zipped past the turnoff and had to turn around). I spent the first couple of hours wandering around feeling totally overwhelmed. So much so that when I spotted the Harlot and decided to go ahead and introduce myself, I had nothing to show when she asked what I had gotten. She was very gracious, even though I was cutting into her last hour of yarn shopping time, and kindly waited for me to dig the bookbookbook out of my bag so that she could sign it.

I don't know when I became bold enough to stop people and announce to them who they are and introduce myself, but Stephanie was not the only person I met. Later in the day, after a Brooks Farm purchase, but before the working dog demonstration (weren't those border collies something?), I spotted Lolly , wearing her lovely new Tempting, going into one of the barns. I only spoke to her briefly, but it was still very nice to meet her.

The whole, scan the crowd, just in case there might be someone I recognize from the internet thing was very strange, frankly. But I didn't let it drive me nuts. I had a great time wandering around on my own, poking my head into various booths, stopping to watch sheep shearing, watching the guy carrying two little curly goats in his arms across the festival grounds. I had thought about bringing my mom with me, but I ended up being glad I went on my own, so that I could take my time and play it by ear the whole way through.

If I hadn't been on my own, I probably wouldn't have ended up spending the last half hour or so of the festival with Rachael and Lala, and that would have been quite a loss. They are as friendly and cute and funny as you would imagine them to be, and were completely welcoming when I walked up and introduced myself. We talked about what we got, then walked some. They kindly offered me funnel cake, but I declined, not mentioning at the time my fear that the grease/sugar combination would punish me at an unfortunate time during my two-hour trip home. (Yeah, don't admit it then, wait to put it up for the internet to see. We visited the alpaca pen on our way out, and parted ways at the edge of the parking lot.

I know this isn't the most coherent of accountings, but suffice it to say that I had a really good time, and I'm glad everyone else who went seems to have had a good time as well. Maybe someday I'll meet tons of people and spend tons of time with them, but even if I don't, it'll be okay.

I have three photos, but my knowledge of Hello leaves much to be desired, so they'll come as I can get them to show up.

Oh, I decided to wear Paris Loop, and it was the perfect thing for the warm but windy day that Sunday turned out to be. And I got more positive comments than I ever would have expected.


At 6:38 AM, Blogger Lauren said...

I am sorry that we were not able to talk more, Faith... It was nice to meet you. I am glad you came down for the day. I only got to spend about 2 hours there total and it was only 15 minutes from my house!

Take care, and there is always next year, right? :)


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