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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

NaNo Day 4 -- 3577

Yes, that is the second highest word count so far. My total is now 14,115. I was despairing early on, I only got a handful at lunch (but I got to rave to an interested party about the AlphaSmart) and was sure I was going to have to fight for a 2k day, if not for the daily minimum.

That was wrong.

I was writing and doing laundry and waiting for him to get home from his test, and things started to click. A post on the FM boards reminded me of how important conflict is (I am conflict-averse in all areas of my life), so I threw my main character some curves even I didn't see coming and the story is coming to first person! I may abandon the letter format, but not right away.

So, yes, it was a good writing day, much better than I expected in a number of ways. I have surpassed last year's total by at least a few words, and am on page four of the descending word count on the big list at NaNo. By the time I look tomorrow I expect to have slipped significantly again.

Best part is, now that I'm getting into my story, I'm not as stressed out about not keeping up with the FM wonderwomen, and I'm happy about that. They are doing fantastically well, but I was never planning to fly through it (though I guess I am, sort of) in the first place.


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