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Saturday, March 13, 2004


It's been a while, I notice. Not much to say. I got a nibble on the query I sent out in January. I have an invitation to send the article on spec in the fall. I'm planning on doing it, but I also have to keep repeating, "Don't blow it!" to myself. I've been at this point before and blown it, so my anxiety is justified.

My nephews are home, but freaky family stuff is far from over, this is more of a beginning of more freakiness. I'm not sure how much more my parents can take, especially the way it's affecting me, and I'm on the periphery of the nonsense. Makes me appreciate my middle-class ordinariness (to the extent I can actually qualify as middle-class or ordinary, that is) all the more, I suppose.

Waking up to news of Madrid's rush hour explosions did nothing for my overall outlook on Thursday, but at least I got to go dancing that night. It was the last lesson and we did well pretty much all around. I'm going to miss those evenings, maybe we can do it again in the fall.

Got a GRE study guide from the library on Thursday. Haven't done much with it yet, I'm still toying with that whole idea in a mostly non-serious manner. Especially since I can't even keep up with the Only A Novel assignments.

I have begun, once again, availing myself of the public library's services. I'm working my way through my to be read list, currently on In Legend Born by Laura Resnick. It's going more slowly than I would have expected, but I've been budgeting my reading time poorly lately. I also borrowed videos for the first time. None of my listed must-sees were available, but I got a couple others, and I'm sure the ones I really want will be returned, replaced, or removed from hold eventually.

Hasn't gotten much more exciting, has it?


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