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Tuesday, January 20, 2004


I got up early this morning to write. I did my morning pages (which took forty minutes) then typed a possible query. I'm going to try to get up early this week and see if I can be at all productive before I go to work.

I sent a submission out today, a story I've sent before to a few places. I lagged for a while after getting it back the last time, but I decided I needed to get on with it again.

More on the writing front, I did go to the shopping center the other day and ended up writing a short story while I sat in the cafe. I'm pretty sure it's awful, and may beyond any redemption, but it was fun and I felt good doing something from start to finish in one sitting. I still need to get back to my 2003 nano, it's getting close to the end, I think that's what my problem is with it at the moment.
It's his birthday today, so we're going out for Mexican when he gets home, we're both looking forward to that. We don't eat out much, so we enjoy it when we do.


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