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Thursday, January 22, 2004

So Far So Good

I'm continuing to get up early and do my morning pages and some other miscellaneous writing. It's working, the morning pages are going more quickly and I've started back on the nano project. I'm hoping to branch out or go longer, but for now it's going well.

Our dinner the other night was as good as expected. We hadn't been since the renovations had been finished, the place looks great, very atmospheric, and the service was surprisingly speedy. We need to go more often.

Dancing tonight, not sure what we're going to learn yet. Should be fun, no matter what. Of course, I'll probably still dance in my big boots since it hasn't gotten any warmer.

I gave my self a papercut under my thumbnail after dinner Tuesday and it still really hurts. I never realize how much I use my left thumb until it hurts. I use it a lot.

Work has been better lately, I'm on a filing kick and have cleaned up two major areas in our office. The problem is that we're running out of space in the file cabinets. There are two drawers that I could not fit files in to, it was frustrating. Tomorrow I get to file papers into the folders that were in the cabinets to begin with. Envy me!


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