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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Delinquent Update

Nano Day 4 -- 0: hurt myself during my workout, motivation for anything but finding a comfortable way to sit was nil.

Nano Day 5 -- 302: Did a bit at Borders in early evening, spent the rest of the evening watching Buffy episodes I hadn't seen before.

Nano Day 6 -- 60: Done during the previews before Shall We Dance (It was close to the original, good dancing, I cried). Strange, sort of frustrating day.

Nano Day 7 -- 2641: Best day so far, did some here, some at Borders, more here. Could have done even more, but mind wandered in the evening.

Current total 8359. 3310 word deficit at this point. Here's hoping I can overcome it sooner than later.

Blanket is still growing incrementally, that's what I got done the nights I wasn't writing. Worked on the sock for a bit this afternoon during more Buffy episodes.

Today was gorgeous, I made a point of getting outside and enjoying it.


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