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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Thank You, Secret Pal! Take Two

I got my second gift from my SPIII on Thursday! Sorry for the delay in posting the news, after the insanely long post on Tuesday, I needed a break (and so did everyone else, I'm sure). Anyway, my secret pal sent me a bottle of Mango Mandarin body lotion, which smells good enough to eat, a gift card for something else good-smelling from Bath and Body Works, a box of See's candies, which I have yet to open because I'm trying desperately to save them to use as writing rewards during November, and a funny undergarment-referent greeting card.

Thanks again Secret Pal, you are spoiling me so well. I think I may make the sparkly hat (probably minus sparkles) from Stitch 'n Bitch with the yarn you sent the first time. I need to get the right needles. You know you don't knit enough yet when you still have to buy new needles before every project.

Gonna try Oh, Susannah again today, she was closed last weekend for a family function. Don't know how much luck I'll have though, I imagine she'll at Stitches East this weekend.

I'm onto the heel decreases on my second sock, I did a better job of picking up stitches along the heel flap this time. I guess I do learn with experience.

Enjoy the day, whatever you do.


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