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Monday, October 04, 2004

Weekend of Quiet Procrastination

I had a nice quiet weekend, got a decent amount of writing done, though it probably won't see the light of day (the stuff that didn't make it here, that is), worked on my second sock and a bit on the baby blanket, and read The Lovely Bones from start to finish. It was a great read, very touching, strong writing.

The procrastination part of this comes when I realized that the three possible opportunities I could have had to find work I may actually enjoy disappeared because I kept putting off looking into them further. I am way too good at sabotaging myself, I need to find a way out of or around the mindset that makes me do things like this to myself.

End self-pitying whining.

Thanks to the people who left comments on the first part of my New York story, I appreciated the feedback. I hope to be back later with the next part of the saga this evening.


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