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Saturday, November 13, 2004

I'm Cabling! I'm Cabling!

Yes, that means I'm not writing. I believe Nano is no more for this year, I am sad to say. I'll give it a go this afternoon, but if I'm not sucked in and rocking soon, I don't think it's going to happen.

Meanwhile, I finished the knitting on the pink-and-purple baby blanket last night (weaving ends and blocking to come) and started on a cabled scarf out of burgundy 100% alpaca from Andean Yarns that my dad found at a thrift shop in January. The yarn was sort of fractured at the beginning of the ball, but it seems to have calmed down. I'm doing it, and it's making sense, and after 5 pattern repeats I basically have the pattern memorized. I know, I know, I get way too excited about these knitting accomplishments, but you have to take joy where you can find it, right? Oh, I thought I only had one more baby blanket to do; turns out I have two.

My parents and grandparents were over-the-top impressed with my socks, almost enough to make me wonder what they thought they'd be seeing. But it was cool, and my knitting and I got to be the floor show for the evening.

Hope everyone has a pleasant day. I'm going to see The Carmina Burana this evening at the Fulton Opera House. I've never seen a production there, and I've never seen this production anywhere, so it should be exciting.


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