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Saturday, June 18, 2005


Do you ever get completely overwhelmed by all of the stuff in your life? I'm talking about physical things, not even touching the mental or emotional. I am currently going through this overwhelming period. It was what precipitated last weekend's running away from home. Though, considering I was allegedly trying to get away from stuff, I managed to take an awful lot of it with me.

I didn't run far, and I didn't do any real sightseeing. I stayed in a nice hotel, with my knitting, a book or two, and a notebook and pen to keep me company. Well, that's what I brought, anyway. I also spent a lot of time watching HGTV, TLC, and the Food Network. I don't have, and don't particularly want, cable at home, but I like watching redecorating shows, of both the home and human variety. I got my fill.

The two days I spent out of my home environment, by myself, clarified the feeling that my stuff was getting to me. I spent some time writing about simplifying things and thinking about what I'd need to do corral my stuff.

I had Monday and Tuesday off again last week. I spent Monday cleaning the top part of my desk at home and getting rid of filed paperwork that absolutely did not need to stay. It felt good and looks a lot better.

Tuesday I got a start on a bookshelf, but made minimal progress.

Wednesday I remembered to get mailing boxes from the post office for things I had that belonged to other people. You'll notice I said "had." I managed to pack and address the boxes Wednesday evening, even writing notes on stashed postcards I was apparently saving for "someday." No, I'm not in Paris, but it was fun to enclose a card from there anyway.

Today I did my wardrobe, in a big way. The laundry had just been done, so I brought it and the suitcase with three things I had put away until cooler weather up to the bedroom. I emptied all of my dresser drawers and my closet onto my bed, piling things according to what they were.

Once I had everything out, I began putting it away, making notes on how many of each thing I had (I discovered I need to go underwear shopping, SOON). I looked at everything. I just plain threw some things away, and I bagged up a bunch of things to donate. Even with three grocery bags of stuff to donate, I still have plenty of clothes.

I realized that I could pack more away for the summer than I initially had. I also realized that I don't wear most of my clothing as often as I could. I'm hoping that now that I have looked it all over in as much detail as I have, I'll have a better idea of what is available, and won't feel like as much of a frump when I get dressed for work.

I'm going to continue working with my stuff for a while, because I still have plenty to whip into shape. I'm pretty sure that the reason for this digging in, or digging out, is my impending 35-ness. It's still over a month away, but I'm starting to feel its shadow. I'm guessing that 35 must mean actual grown-up status to me, or something, considering some of the things, aside from dealing with stuff, I'm trying to sort out.

I didn't do much knitting this past week, none, in fact, between Sunday afternoon and today. I did a bit of a sock today, ripping out and casting on for the third time... but there'll be more on that later. If I'd have gotten more than four hours of sleep last night, I might have worked on Clapotis this evening, but it won't happen.

I'm not buying any more yarn for a very long time. I have a bigger surplus than I am actually comfortable with, so I will be knitting exclusively from stash for the foreseeable future. I guess that means I feel like I can, in fact, have too much yarn.

I hope you are all comfortable and secure with your stuff, the overwhelm is not a pretty place to be.


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