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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Yeah, so the whole quit-my-job-and-temp thing, with the less stress and figuring out the new direction of my life. Not really. My temp job is stressful in a whole new way, I'm on week three and I'm worried that they want to make it much longer term than I want it to be because the department head was positively giddy when she realized she hadn't given the temp agency an end date.

I know way more about mortgages now than I ever wanted to or imagined I would. Does this mean I'll be more understanding of the process if and when I ever have a mortgage of my very own? Don't know.

I am as much in the blog blahs as anyone else these days, obviously, since I haven't posted in ages.

Not knitting much either, see the title to understand why.

The weather has broken, though, so that's something.

I'm going to eat my breakfast muffin and watch In America and knit for a while, I think.


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