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Thursday, August 25, 2005


I loved In America, you should all see it if you haven't.

I ate my breakfast muffin, it was tasty, but I'm afraid it may interfere with my ability to fall quickly asleep.

I did the last row of my one skein wonder and bound off...with the wrong needle, so it's too tight around the ribbing and I now need to pick out the bind-off and start over with the larger needle.

I have a plan the will get me out of indefinite first-assignment servitude and on with charting a new course for myself, one that will not involve the inner workings of loans. More on that eventually, probably.

Me, me, me, huh? Well, it is my blog, after all.



At 8:27 AM, Blogger Lauren said...

Of course it is about you--it is your blog! I have missed your posts, so I am glad to hear from you :)

Thanks for mentioning that movie... I have wanted to see it, but it is still in the Netflix queue. I need to move it up!

Have a good weekend, Faith!


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