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Friday, September 09, 2005


Temp assignment is over. I would have danced down the street if I hadn't been walking out with people I worked with for a month, doesn't pay to burn bridges even if you have no intention of ever crossing them again. Never say never and all.

Of course, now the real fun starts. I've already been helping my parents on some weekends and evenings, but starting Monday morning I'll be at it for at least a week straight. We got the Dumpster-type receptacle yesterday and got a good start on filling it already. There is still a lot to do at both places, so it'll be interesting to see how we balance it next week.

I've been knitting a bit. Started a new pair of socks last Thursday, but keep having to rip back because I'm trying to do them without having the basic pattern at my fingertips (yes, I know, I should have it memorized by now.). At least I am recognizing that I'm making mistakes and checking on how to fix them, rather than just plowing through and making entirely wonky socks, right?

Nice weekend, all.


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