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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Disaster Mode

I am far, far away from the devastation in the Gulf Coast, but I can't stop watching and listening. It's what I do when disaster strikes, I watch as much as I can, wishing the people in the situatutions could get out of them. I choke up on my drive to and from work listening to NPR and when I watch the morning and evening news. But I haven't just been watching, from the comfort of my safe, dry, electrically-equipped house, I did something.

I gave something to the Red Cross. I feel like I should call my local chapter and volunteer for their "spontaneous volunteer" program, but I'd committed one solid week of the next three to my parents already, and, as lame as it is, I am terrified of snakes and would be of little use as I spent my time constantly scanning for swimming or slithering reptiles. Like I said, lame, and totally embarrassing. So, rather than giving my time, I'm giving my money.

If you can too, please do. Even a little will help. Margene and Susan are asking the knit community and everyone else to "give a little" to the Red Cross, in a most Harlotish fashion (See what you've started Stephanie). So go ahead, do it for Cari's socks or some other yarny temptation, or, even better, do it because it's the right thing to do.

To any of you who are from or know someone who is from Katrina's zone of destruction, my thoughts are with you and yours and I only hope that what little I am able to do will be enough to make some sort of small difference.


At 12:11 PM, Blogger Lauren said...

it is all just so sad... i am addicted to listening to the radio and hearing the news--even though it seems to be getting worse and worse.


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