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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Yarn First

Yes. I moved yarn and a rug into my new place today. I'm only about a mile away from my yarn, and I'm not knitting much right now, so it's okay. I wonder what it says about me that the first thing to go into my new home is a chunk of my yarn stash? I'm not quite sure I want the answer to that.

I bought what turned out to be the worst broom ever, a trash can, trashbags, and a dustpan, and went over and swept all of the floors after my book club meeting this morning. I also wiped down countertops and wiped out the fridge, and re-measured spaces I've already measured at least once before.

It's growing on me, but that means that I actually need to start packing things now. My furniture will likely be moved next weekend. I should be getting a largish area rug for the living room sometime this week (housewarming gift from my parents), and would like to have it in and down before we put the bigger furniture in. I need to buy a twin mattress and box spring soon, the bedroom is just too tiny for a double, and I don't really need that much bed.

So, that's the moving progress so far. My sinus infection is still hanging on, but I feel like I should be ready to go back to work by tomorrow, so I'm glad of that.

Hope everyone has the week they want.


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