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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Let's Talk Socks

I've made a couple of pairs of socks in the past few months, but you haven't seen them yet. Sorry about that. I do not knit quickly even when things are going well, even less so at other times. Being at Kripalu qualified as "other times."

Mountain Colors Bearfoot Sock in "Crazy Woman" purchased at Maryland Sheep and Wool May 2005.

Started October 5, 2005 -- Finished December 31, 2005.

Pretty sure these are my favorites so far, super soft and comfy. I wish I had made the cuffs a bit taller, but I had never used Mountain Colors before...actually, yardage concerns should totally never come up for me, I have size 5 feet.

Mom socks take 2, aka birthday socks. Regia sock yarn. Started January 5, 2006 -- Finished February 10, 2005.

I knocked the first one out in less than two weeks (which is fast for me), but went back to work shortly after starting the second one, so they took a bit longer than I expected. Mom does not have size 5 feet. If these look at all familiar, it is with good reason:

Mom always mentioned how much she liked my pair of these whenever I wore them, so I went back to my LYS to see if there was more of this colorway. There was, and matching mother-daughter socks were eventually born. Note sock size difference (oh and color intensity, I wear mine a LOT and it's beginning to show), I get spoiled knitting socks for myself, so socks for others feel like they take much longer.

I am working on my first Jaywalker (maybe I'll take a progress photo tomorrow) and am about to cast on for a pair of socks for my middle sister, the only one of my immediate blood relatives not to have a pair yet.

I am also working on other UFOs, but they are probably best not mentioned in detail.


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