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Thursday, March 02, 2006

I Know What I'm Doing Next

I had been thinking that once I finished my sister's socks, I'd finish up a UFO or two, or maybe swatch for one of the sweaters I want to make for myself. It'll have to wait.

I was visiting with my mother this evening and we got on the subject of her good friend who went into surgery yesterday. She has cancer and will have to go through chemo soon. At first I thought of making her a pair of socks (which I will), but decided I want to make her at least one chemo cap first, because she is worried about going through it and how she will feel about losing her hair.

I have begun researching chemo cap patterns, but would appreciate any suggestions any of you would have about patterns and yarns most suitable for chemo caps. I wasn't planning on buying any yarn at all until Maryland Sheep and Wool, but I don't think I have anything right for a chemo cap in my stash, so I will be going out and purchasing yarn soon for specifically this purpose.

I didn't really knit when my grandmother was going through chemotherapy, or else I would have done this for her. Since it is too late to give my grandmother this type of comfort, the least I can do is offer it to another kind, opinionated, strong woman who shares her first name.

Photos were planned for today, but I got together with my mom for a while and was really tired when I got home. Now I'm going to finish watching The Dark Crystal and go to bed. I'm hoping for more than five or six hours of sleep tonight.


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