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Friday, January 02, 2004


I actually opened my nano 2003 file yesterday evening and did some work on it. I hadn't since the end of November. I plan on doing it again this evening, I need to get back into it (it being writing, period) and I'd like to do it sooner than later.

I also got started on the Two Year Novel at Forward Motion yesterday by posting my one sentence idea and the slightly expanded version that was the first assignment. There are a lot of people doing it with a lot of interesting ideas, it should be a good experience all around.

I went to the gym this afternoon and did cardio after signing us up for ballroom dancing and switching one of our racquetball court dates. I'd better watch out, or I may end up exercising regularly, or something. (Nah, I've had a week and a half off work and this was the first time I hit the gym other than for our racquetball dates, I'm such a slacker.)

I went to my favorite vegetarian restaurant this morning and had scrambled tofu for brunch. It was really tasty, but it was also really salty. It was the first time ever that I did not clean my plate at the Enchanted Forest. Maybe I should have tried the Mango Raisin Polenta.

I spent 45 minutes this evening talking to the neighbor lady when I went over to take her a tin of Christmas cookies. I now feel guilty for never having done so before. I want to make a point of dropping over from time to time now. She's lonely and was pleased to have someone to visit with, even though she was nursing a cold. When I left, I took an envelope to the corner mailbox for her. I was glad I'd said yes when she asked me to come in.


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