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Friday, May 28, 2004

Continuing Lag

One of these days I really will make this habitual. I just don't know which day that will happen to be. Today would be a great candidate, I'm sure.

I'm still not writing much these days, even though I'm thinking about it and even trying a little. I made notes on a story that needs to be completely reworked before it goes anywhere, and looked at notes about MONOGRAM. That's as far as I've gotten recently. Oh, and I did one morning page yesterday and one today. I've decided I dislike the 9 1/2 X 6" format I'm currently using as my carry-everywhere, jot-everything notebook at the moment. I obviously used to like it, since it's a used notebook I'm trying to fill, but I won't be going back to it again anytime soon. The expanse of the standard 10 X 8" or so is much more conducive to everything longhand in my life.

While I have not been writing much recently, I have begun taking photos and developing film again. I got a roll of black and white back the other day that had a few nice shots on it from the New York trip in October, particularly nice was one of 7th Avenue (I think) just after dark. I took nearly an entire roll of the sky after a storm on Tuesday. The sky and clouds were doing amazing things, so I actually used color film, and I liked many of the photos, though the area immediately surrounding my house has far too many utility wires for photographic comfort.

Construction of the new facade at work begins next week. It will mean ridiculous amounts of noise for the next three months, but it will also mean an opportunity to document the project with my cameras. I plan to choose two spots today and take photos from them each day that I am at work in order to try to capture the minutiae of the project. I am going to do the "before" shots at lunch today, I believe.

Enough for now, maybe later I'll talk about what I'm reading at the moment.


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