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Saturday, May 29, 2004

The Joys of Physical Labor

I've had an antsy few days, for some reason, and had a minor anxiety freak-out this morning concerning the possibility of taking the youngest to the ER (didn't happen). After taking my sweet time getting my act together in the morning, I found the perfect way to get rid of the antsies. I mowed the back yard.

This should not be a big deal, and it probably won't be from here on out, but today there still remained large stands of waist high weeds around the edges, and the previously mown center was also filling in nicely. I spent somewhere in the vicinity of two hours with mower, weed whacker, and hand clippers grooming our back weeds. It looks significantly larger and tamer now. If I had a spade, I'd re-dig my beds from two summers ago. Maybe I'll get up and go tool and plant shopping tomorrow morning.

Today was the perfect day to do this sort of thing. Warm, not hot, slight breeze, low humidity. If every sunny day were this way I would be thrilled.

I finished The Dork of Cork by Chet Raymo. It was good in so many ways. Another of the first person narratives, and this a first person I felt a misfit kinship with. The language is evocative and straightforward by turns. I look forward to reading his nonfiction as well, I hope my library has it.

I am also reading about schizophrenia, not as pleasurable, but equally as interesting. I wish I had learned about it out of interest, rather than out of necessity.

Now to bed and sleep. Before 10:30 on a Saturday night, yep, I'm adventurous all right.


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