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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Lighten Up

I want to get rid of stuff. I keep saying this, and sometimes I follow through. Today I took four bags of clothing and a writing box from my ex-husband to Goodwill. The clothing had been bagged and in and out of my trunk for a while, and the box was something I no longer used and was a reminder of a time I'd rather put behind me.

I put it all on my back seat before I left to meet my mother for lunch. I dropped it off on my way home. If it had gone in the trunk again, who knows how long it would have stayed. I have been hauling firewood in there for over a year now.

I also got rid of stuff by paying bills and mailing things that needed to be mailed. Very small things, but they still left and meant a few things I no longer needed to worry about taking care of when I had time.

I'll return library books in a couple of days and will drop a bag of books of at the Book ReSort on Saturday, and will keep looking at things to thin out in the meantime.

My parents have been making nearly weekly runs to an auction house with stationwagon-loads of stuff for nearly a month, I believe. I don't have as much stuff to get rid of, but we are of a like mind when it comes to lightening our respective loads at the moment. I just hope I can keep it up until I reach the point of having just enough. I hope I know that point when I reach it.


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