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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Nano No More

Yes, I am no longer working on NaNoWriMo. I didn't make any progress over the weekend, so I decided to retire it for this year. The idea was before its time in terms of my being able to adequately express it the way it needed to be expressed. I have no regrets, I've done it twice, I'll probably give it a go again next year. In the meantime, I congratulate all of the participants who hit the ground running and are putting huge efforts into their novels this month, good luck to you all.

Unfortunately, since I'm not nano-ing, I'm not writing anything. I need to remedy that very soon.

I have been knitting. I am working on a second pair of socks in the world's brightest sock yarn, still cabling away on the scarf I started last week, knitting the first of nine squares for the next baby blanket, and working on a secret project (which I could probably mention, since I don't think anyone reads this, especially anyone who would encounter the project, but I'll refrain).

He may have been right when he said that I have something else to do with my hands besides writing this November. But that wasn't my only reason for not getting into it.

We're doing Thanksgiving this year, probably for six, it should be fun, but I think I need to see about renting a table and chairs again. We are going to try not to over-cook this time, we definitely did the last time, even though that was for ten or twelve.

The anxiety thing is not going away. No more panic attacks, but I could feel the early signs today when I was at our annual school Thanksgiving Feast. I'm not happy about this, but I don't know that I want to go the medication route, or even the going to the doctor route. I'm in denial, obviously, but I'm going with it for the moment, unless it gets worse, or continues for too long.

I'm trying to work out again, but I keep kinking myself, this is another disturbing trend.

On the bright side, there's only one work day left until the weekend.


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