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Friday, November 19, 2004

On the Verge of Hibernation

Today wasn't particularly cold, or anything, but I think this weekend will be a good time to stay home and knit or read or even just sleep. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, my back still hurts from yesterday's mishap, and the only thing I sort of want to do is get my hair cut. I think I'll walk up to the shopping center late in the morning, check the wait at the salon, rent a couple of movies, then come home and settle in for the rest of the day, maybe for the rest of the weekend. I have several projects through which to cycle, so why not? I think I've been making myself go out for stuff on Saturdays to justify not having his boys during the day, but I don't think that's actually necessary.

I'm two inches shy of my first baby blanket square, I'd like to finish it and start number two by the end of tomorrow. I want to do at least one a week until it's done, so that the blanket doesn't take forever, especially since I have one more to make after this. I do think I'll have to find a place to get more Jaeger Baby Merino; Oh, Susannah didn't appear to have any more of the colorways I find suitable for these blankets. The red/green and tan/brown just didn't quite fit the bill for me. I'll knit a few squares and see where I am after that, I suppose.

We had dinner at Taj Mahal this evening, it's always very good, and it was gratifying to see it doing a decent business while we were there.

No writing is happening these days, but I'm hoping to look over a few things this weekend in that department, in addition to the massive knitting push I hope to execute. Hibernation will not be entirely sloth.


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