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Monday, December 06, 2004

Another Grey Monday

...wherein I went to work, watched low, fairly uninteresting clouds move across the sky, accomplished a few things, and took up space. No knitting so far today, maybe I'll try for a cable repeat on my scarf before I turn in. That's all the knitting I got done yesterday, actually. Just sort of moody and uninspired.

I did a bit of writing, about knitting, this evening. Spurred loosely by this article in the new knitty. I've come to the conclusion, sort of, that my hesitancy to give knits to others is as much about a deep, unrelenting, fear of rejection as it is about the snail-in-winter speed of output I have thus far achieved. I'll leave it at that and you may extrapolate whatever you wish about my personality.

Speaking about writing about knitting, have you seen this moving homage to Clapotis? I was pretty sure I wanted to make one anyway, now I want to include it in a work of fiction as well. Photography, literature, and knitting, it's enough to make a girl swoon, I tell you.

I guess it's time to feed the kitty minions and toddle off to bed and book, I'm trying to get myself up a bit earlier so that I can get one or two things accomplished before work in the morning.

Enjoy the rest of your evening, all.


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