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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Grey November

The overcast fall weather is pushing my mood into an uncomfortable place. I am sad a lot as it is, but it is more pronounced on these chilly wet days. It could make for a long winter. On the bright side, after the workday tomorrow I have four days off. We will be cooking for ourselves, the children, and my parents on Thursday, a scaled-down version of what we did two years ago. It should be nice, lots of good food and good company. The promise of apple pie is enough to lift anyone's spirits.

I started the second square for the next baby blanket, I showed my friend the 1/9th I had completed. She and her little one came to visit the office today. The blanket square was the only knitting I worked on today, I have gotten sucked into the vortex that is Spider Solitaire in Windows XP. I disabled the games when I still had Windows 98, I should probably do the same thing again.

Sorry so boring, but I am far more tired than is reasonable and am on my way to feed the furries and crawl into bed.


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