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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Drowning at Oh, Susanna

First, let me say that I love Oh, Susanna in all its disheveled glory. Yes, it takes time to find specific things, but there are some real treasures if you're willing to spend the time. I went there today looking for yarn to make Clapotis, or maybe to get yarn and the pattern for Klaralund. I spent two hours looking at things over and over, but I could not make up my mind. I still have Christmas money (part of it in gift certificate form), so I could even be a bit more extravagant than usual. I left empty-handed. But I have ideas.

For Clapotis:

Schaefer Yarns Marjanne or Helene -- They are both wool/silk blends, the Helene is extra high sheen and luxurious, but the Marjanne is lovely as well.

Cherry Tree Hill Farms has a nice slightly-above-laceweight that probably would have made a diaphanous wrap.

Noro Silk Garden or Shinano--I couldn't decide whether I liked the available colorways for a scarf, or a sweater for that matter.

Dyed in the Wool alpaca silk--this was heavenly to the touch, but would have been by far the most expensive item in my wardrobe.

I think my problem is that I am just too inherently frugal to buy the luxury yarns. The opposing problem is that if I am going to make Clapotis, I want to make it in the wool/silk blend, because the fiber mix is lovely and I should let myself deserve something like it, right? Maybe I need to look at the stuff at Mystical Creation Yarns again. I can't remember where I found their link in the first place, but I'm almost certain it was in a Clapotis-related post.

I have done no knitting today, having spent my afternoon surrounded by acres of yarn not destined to go home with me. Right now I have to put our comforter in the washer again because it seems Widget has not yet gotten over his "elimination" issues. Maybe I'll do some knitting once that task has been completed.


At 10:35 PM, Blogger um said...

i agree - if you have time to look there, it's like diving for treasure! usually i have my two kids with me, which means a visit no greater than 20 minutes (15 if i want to leave, smiling). did you ever consider elsebeth lavold's silky wool? they have it at kitnit, and it's pretty reasonable - like $6.50 a skein. i got some to make a lacy scarf in the scarf style book (ene's scarf). however, there aren't any great colorways like noro silk garden and cherry tree's stuff. good luck finding the right yarn - it's such a beautiful pattern!

it was great to meet you today! i had fun knitting with you and chatting. have fun with the socks, and good luck with the long dpns!


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