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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Odds and Ends

1. I finished Mom's socks. They fit and she was thrilled (so was I). She even modeled them for me, and I have the photo developed, but I haven't scanned it because the scanner is buried under desk stuff.

2. I started Dad's socks Saturday evening. I am on the brink of turning the heel on sock #1, knitting socks in worsted does make them fly.

3. I started Klaralund on Tuesday, but did not swatch. I checked gauge today and found that, 3" in, unwashed size is too small. I'm debating with myself whether to rip and go up a needle size or hope it'll stretch a bit in the blocking. I am a lazy knitter.

4. The wisteria in front of the house is loaded with buds and a few of them look like they're about ready to burst into color, I can't wait.

5. I did my taxes today. Mailed the feds, need to write a check to the state and make a copy of the local. Yes, I'll be due a refund, and I STILL put it off until the last minute. My taxes are incredibly simple, I just hate having to do them. It's irrational, I know.

6. Work has been horrible this week for a number of reasons, let's not discuss it.

7. A.C. Moore had 25% off all yarn through Tuesday. Monday I went and got Patons Classic Wool in Natural Mix, Paprika, and Royal Purple (instead of Leaf Green and Deep Olive -- I put them back, because I just finished a green sweater, for goodness' sake!) and a slightly less luxurious clone of Cashmerino Aran in grey. I have specific projects in mind for both of batches.

8. I have realized that practically everyone with a blog and plans for Maryland Sheep & Wolf--er--Wool (thanks Rachael) will be there on Saturday rather than Sunday, which is the day I will be able to attend. I guess that means I'll have the run of the place, and whatever yarn may be left by the time all of knitblog world gets done on Saturday.

9. I'm more glad than anyone knows that tomorrow is Friday.

10. I just couldn't leave it at 9, so I guess I'll mention that I have a three-day weekend this weekend.


At 7:11 AM, Blogger Lauren said...

Oh no, AC Moore had a Patons sale? It is probably better that I did not know about that... I would have been "in the red" after that. I have about three projects in my mind that use that yarn!

I am planning to be at the Sheep & Wool fest on Sunday--it is so close to my house, I need to go both days! :)


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