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Sunday, June 26, 2005


To the untrained eye, it would appear that I spent most of my day here, wasting time. I did spend a great deal of time clicking absently at brightly-colored graphics, but my mind was elsewhere. The games helped keep me occupied enough to let my mind wander freely, or something...knitting would have taken just a bit too much concentration.

I have come to the realization that something has got to give. There are parts of my life that are just no longer worth expending energy on in quite the way I am doing it. As a result, I sent three emails about which I will keep my fingers crossed. I will continue doing that sort of activity for the next month, if necessary, then reevaluate my position. Yes, I'm being vague, sorry.

Yesterday was nice, in spite of the mid-90s heat and attendant humidity. I have a friend whose family has a cottage in Mt. Gretna. He is spending a long weekend there this weekend and invited people to drop in if they wanted to.

I dithered about it for a while, until I realized that I should definitely take advantage of an honest-to-goodness social invitation. There were three other adults and a wee baby who also came to visit, and we spent the afternoon chatting (I worked on Clapotis) on the porch of the cottage. In the evening we had a great vegetarian dinner, then mama and baby left. The most of the rest of us trooped down to the ice cream shop (one of the area's major draws) for dessert, then came back and, after coating ourselves with bug repellent, played Trivial Pursuit.

It was nice, I didn't feel out of place or anxious the way I usually do in social situations. (I will admit I have wondered whether they really enjoyed my company or if they were just tolerating me -- I need get over it, whatever it is, don't I?) I wore my MDS&W t-shirt for the first time, and answered a few questions about what I was working on. I need to find or create more opportunities to do things like that more often.

On the other hand, in the second day of this heat, I was content to stay home as lightly dressed as possible, drinking water in front of a fan.

Hope you all had enjoyable weekends.


At 2:48 PM, Blogger Lauren said...

that sounds like a very enjoyable time with the friends, ice cream, and trivial pursuit. It is a recipe for fun :) I am glad you decided to go and have fun!

Your Clapotis sounds like it is coming along well--I look forward to seeing that.

Take care, Faith.

At 8:45 AM, Anonymous Rachael said...

Fingers crossed for you, also.....


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