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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Okay, so I was going to post on Sunday, then on Monday, just didn't have the energy on Tuesday, and was sort of too excited yesterday.

I wound skeins on the weekend, communed with my stash, as it were, until Sunday afternoon when I encountered the worst skein snarl in my limited experience. It took all afternoon and evening on Sunday and all evening on Monday to get it untangled. On the plus side, it was Mountain Colors Bearfoot sock yarn, so at least it felt great while I was untying the snarl. I got a bit of relief on Sunday evening when I took a moment to call 877-SOS-KNIT (you have heard about this, right? If not, call it right now, then go thank our harlot.

I am on the gusset decreases of the second jelly bean stripes sock, I hope to finish it before Sunday.

I really love my current temp assignment. It's stressful, but they're doing so much good and I'm happy to be a part of it. Of course, I found out yesterday that I will only be there until next Tuesday because...

On Wednesday I will be driving to Lenox, MA to serve two months here, specifically in this program! I've been thinking about this since I left my job in July, but up until Tuesday after work, I thought it would be November at the earliest before I would be able to go. Things change quickly sometimes.

I'm really excited about this opportunity, but I'm also a bit nervous now that it's actually happening. It'll be tough being away from Ebbie for that long, but I do need a change from my life as it stands. I think it will be good to be in a completely different environment for a while, and I like the philosophy behind the program.

I don't know how much internet access I will have while I am there, so posting may be even more sporadic than it already is (yeah, I know, it's barely possible).

As far as internship knitting, I am taking my sock yarn stash, and am considering taking my mystery tan lace weight and the Flower Basket Shawl pattern (though I'm not sure of the wisdom of taking a first lace project when I will have limited access to the wisdom of the knitting blogiverse). I'm trying to decide whether I should take yarn for a sweater as well (I have yarn in my stash for a Ribby Cardi and Klaralund). Any thoughts? Did I mention there's a yarn shop nearby?

My toe is just about healed, thanks so much to those of you who sent get well wishes. I just hope it's completely healed in time to start all that yoga.

And completely out of left field, and let's pretend hypothetically, what if someone, during The Great Parental Clear-out of 2005, rescued a handful of drop spindles from yard sale ignominy? How would someone (who isn't convinced she should even be asking) go about learning to use them, and what type of roving should she look for (if she were actually thinking about looking at roving at all, ever) to start out on?

Just a few things to ponder.


At 1:36 PM, Blogger Lolly said...

That program sounds amazing, Faith. Very fast turnaround too--you leave next week? Good for you. And great news about the nearby yarn shop too :)


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