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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tumbled and Hobbled

I have lived in this house for nearly four-and-a-half years. Last night I fell down the stairs for the first time. Actually, I think I missed the last step or two and went down forward. Luckily, I didn't hit my head on any of the things perfectly positioned to hit a head on when falling off the stairs or open my skin anywhere.

That being said, I didn't come out completely unscathed. There is a semi-goose egg on my left knee, a small bruise on my left hand, and a huge bruise on the middle toe on my right foot (Since I only have three on each foot, it has a decent impact on mobility). I also can't move my toe as much as normal and it's making me limp when I walk. I don't know if it's broken, but it's swollen and sort of painful.

I'm going with it being okay that I don't have work yet this week, because I can't imagine having to put my foot into a shoe, let alone a high(ish) heel, today.

I used my wool winder yesterday to wind a mystery skein of lace weight. It was fun, but I still have no idea what I'm going to do with two large balls of tan lace weight -- I haven't done any lace at all yet and this stuff is sort of scratchy and sticky (though who knows what will happen to it once it's washed). I just have no idea where to begin, any suggestions?


At 5:54 AM, Anonymous Rachael said...

So sorry you fell! Put that leg up and feel better soon. (Once I fell going up my own stairs, carrying a bag of beer bottles (full ones) - cut up my tummy as well as bouncing on the concrete, so I know the feeling.) Take it easy! :)

At 11:53 AM, Blogger Lolly said...

Faith, I hope your bruises heal up soon--take it easy! I have fallen so many times on our steps at home. I think I am the world's clumsiest person...


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