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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Uncovered UFOs

I cleaned a closet in my house, where some of my yarn lives, and unearthed some UFOs. Here is a list of things I've started but not finished in the past few months or more, both ones I knew about this morning and ones I unearthed this afternoon:

1. Mountain Colors Bearfoot Sock socks -- completed gusset decreases on second sock. I'm hoping to finish it this week so that I have a new pair of socks to wear on the new year.

2. Ribbed scarf in blue, green, and grey Gedifra Living, to match the hat I made at Kripalu -- I'm only about a foot into it, but since it's for me, there's no rush to finish it.

3. Chamagne colored Fun Fur scarf -- I think I started this as a going-away gift for someone last year. I'd already made her one, and she insisted she didn't need two (wonder why?). It's only about a quarter finished, and it's probably the last fun fur scarf I'll ever make, but I feel the need to finish it since I found it. Besides, I can't see ripping a fun fur scarf.

4. Baby sweater, Paton's DK Wool -- I've only cast on for this, so I can still decide whether I actually want to make it.

5. Klaralund, Noro Silk Garden #65A -- 2-3" in, but I think there are gauge issues, so I need to figure out what I need to do, one way or the other.

6. Baby blanket for a now toddler, Baby Jaeger in various colorways -- 4 squares done, I should probably just turn them into a pillow at this point. I am a terrible friend, and ab incredibly slow knitter with a short attention span.

7. Sampler scarf from The Yoga of Knitting, KnitPicks Palette -- This will be a long-term UFO. I haven't done much on it since I've been home, but I'm going to get back to it very soon.

As we can see, I have not yet gotten a digital camera. My mother did, which is odd, but very cool, on several levels.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.


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