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Monday, January 23, 2006


I am taking a break from typing up interview notes for an upcoming article. Of course, I need to get back to it soon because I have the second interview tomorrow, and I'd like to have the first in some order before then.

I know, I joined the A-B-C-along, or at least declared my intention to do so, and yet, no photos. Let me explain. I have three cameras at my house, but none of them are up to the task, for various reasons. I had a disposable, with which I took photos A - F, as well as shots of my Bearfoot socks. It was not up to the challenge, and out of 27 available exposures, I got only 7 photos, and most of them are of the snowy Kripalu/Lenox Mass. landscape. There is one of me in my heavy-duty hat, which may get posted soon, but nothing for the beginning of the -along.

My plan is to spend Christmas money on a digital camera, but I don't want to do that until I begin receiving paychecks again and am no longer wondering whether I will be spending the gift money on silly things like gas and bills. This should be happening soon, because I allegedly have a temp assignment starting Wednesday (I say allegedly, just in case, because, hey, you never know). So, in as little as a week or two, I may have an instrument with which to play catch-up on the A-B-C-along, as well as giving up-to-the-minute documentation of what I'm working on or what the sky looks like out my back door, or any number of other things.

Back to work, still have three-and-a-half pages of notes to translate from my peculiar brand of handwritten "shorthand" to typed, semi-coherent text. Wish me luck.


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