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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Lazy Saturday

I have things I should probably be doing, but I'm not doing any of them. Instead, I'm on the couch, laptop on my lap, sqinting at the grey skies, listening to the rain, rewatching Corpse Bride, and eating too many caramels.

I had a very productive Saturday last weekend and in two weeks I'll be here (pdf link -- courtesy warning per Norma) taking the Beginning Spinning class. The class is a generous just because gift from my mother, and I'll be borrowing her wheel. It'll be interesting to see how it goes, since the spindle spinning just manages to make me feel clumsy every time I try it. That, and I only manage to spin THREAD, pretty wool thread, but itty-bitty all the same.

The point is, that I am using those past and future Saturdays as my excuses to basically squander this one. I could go camera shopping, since I did deposit a (small) paycheck yesterday, but I'm not even up for doing that, somehow.

But it's more than that, really. It's the mail as well. Just in case any of you were wondering, letters from prison aren't much fun. Especially when you know you really should write back and be as encouraging as possible, no matter how upsetting the situation is, or how carefully you feel like you have to choose your topics of conversation. So, yeah, there's that, and it has managed to paralyze me. Maybe one day it won't, but for now it makes for lowkey, unproductive weekends.

Enjoy yours.


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