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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'm In...Sort Of

I'm sleeping in my new place, on my foldout Ikea loveseat in the livingroom. I still have boxes to unpack. I still need a bed. My bedroom is a disaster area full of empty boxes and clothes in partially open suitcases. I still have stuff at Ebbie's.

The problem with moving out of a house you've shared with someone for nearly five years when they are staying put is the sorting and sifting of stuff that has to happen in order to get it all. I'm leaving a lot of it. I'll buy a new set of dishes, a bed and bedding, and other odds and ends. We moved the big stuff on Saturday and several carloads on Sunday. I stayed there Sunday night, and went over Monday and yesterday to get odds and ends. I probably should have gone over again today, but I just couldn't do it.

Tonight was a night off from unpacking. My phone was connected today, so here I am. I've decided to go back to dialup for the time being, mostly because the phone company was being completely pushy every time I needed to talk to them.

Now I need to go so that I can pull out my couch and get ready for bed. MY back does not thank me.

I'm STILL not done with the shortie socks!


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