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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

NaNo Day 12 -- 1746

Just above the mathematical minimum, yesterday I hit it exactly with 1667. Running total is 27,547. I'm starting to be a little more random in my writing, skipping around a bit. This is happening because I have diverged wildly from my outline and haven't taken the time to look at it and get back on track.

I'm still not sure what I'm doing with this weblog. I've been sticking pretty close to NaNoWriMo information for the most part. I'm just not sure how far I want to take it, and how I want to identify things and people if I do venture out of the writing zone.

I'll get back to you on that.

Venturing out: I waved and hissed hello, then walked quickly around the corner. Normally one or the other just flees. Childish, perhaps. I know the alternative, I wasn't willing to risk it.

I miss reading Sheila and Holly's weblogs already. I always end up hitting things like this just as people start leaving. Behind the curve, I believe that's what you'd call it.


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