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Sunday, November 23, 2003

NaNo Day 22 -- 2640

Running total 39,016. I should certainly break 40k tomorrow. Most of today's writing was done in 15 minute segments interspersed with cleaning and bill paying sessions. Sometimes breaking the task into tiny pieces is the easiest way for me to get it done.

I probably could have gotten more done if I hadn't been calling the world about my new nephew, but I'll forgive him on his birthday, and ever after.

I met with a fellow 'wrimo this evening and spent a companionable hour tapping away. I like group writing, but never seem to get the chance to do it. I started this year's effort in an online group setting, but this was the first chance I'd had to duplicate it. We were both rewarded with decent word counts, and he had the bonus of getting official goodies. Maybe more people will show up next time.

I'm having a case of nervous stomach, it may be from looking at a magazine full of stuff I can't afford to buy, it may be the knowledge that last year's milestone has come and gone, it's probably just generalized pre-holiday, post chocolate overload angst. Or the fact that my "winter clothes" consist of one skirt, one pair corduroys, two turtlenecks, and two sweaters. Someone needs to go shopping very soon.


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