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Saturday, November 29, 2003

NaNo Day 29 -- 7060

Running total 47,269. Yes, after nearly a week of saying I wasn't going to finish this year, I appear to have changed my mind. I did 600 words last night and got up this morning raring to go, well, as raring as I get, at least.

I spent the afternoon moving between the computer and the sewing machine. I wrote the most I've ever written in a single day and I matched all of my little squares and started on the next level of squares.

More of the same tomorrow, except he'll be home with the kids and I'll only have a third of the words to crank out. I could probably do more tonight, but I'm getting tired and I'd rather not be completely wiped in the morning. If I am, it'll make it all the more difficult to get started early. I'd like to be able to validate as far before midnight tomorrow as possible.

Ten good fifteen minute sessions should do the trick.

Saw an old friend when I was writing out, sort of awkward, not much to talk about anymore, but nice to see him all the same.

Got the grad school stuff yesterday, it looks good, but what I'd want to do with it would not be what they offer via the web. May actually have to speak to someone about it. Still don't know how serious I am, but it sure is fun to imagine.

Of course, dreaming about going to class completely unprepared doesn't bode well. Thing is, I have dreams like that often, whether I'm taking classes or not.


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