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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Can't cut a straight line with a ruler...

Just one of the day's trials.

I cut my border strips at lunch, they're sort of straight, luckily this quilt is my first and not going to anyone else, but still. I don't know if it's lack of patience, lack of hand eye coordination, lack of fingers with which to stabilize tools... It'll be okay, though. I'll go home after work and sew the borders on to the top before rushing myself and all of my stuff off to class. Hopefully I'll have time for dinner, I didn't have time for lunch. Cutting took longer than I expected (doesn't it always?).

I didn't do this last night as I should have because I was exhausted. I went home, read in front of the evil box, and dozed off for a while, and still had lights out at 9:30. I think I'm coming down with what he's got. It was inevitable, he's been up sneezing and blowing his nose on and off for the past two nights, and he was still in sleep mode when I went to work today, which is unusual.

So, nothing got done last night, so I need to rush things before class today and hope I don't screw them up and still get nourishment. I bring it on myself, I know this.

Oh, and another chance at Hedgebrook lost, postmark date was yesterday. I only found out at the weekend, no way that was happening. But, PennWriters is putting their schedule up, so all is not lost.


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