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Tuesday, December 02, 2003


The gym I haven't gone to for ages, but which membership only expired yesterday charged me for this month. I was afraid they were going to; I just had a feeling. After many failed attempts, I checked my bank balance and they had. They are sending me a check today.

I hate using the telephone, except when I don't think too much about it. So I was amazed that I made not one but two calls concerning this charge as soon as I verified that it had, in fact been applied. Everything went smoothly and graciously. No raised voices, no accusations, I am inordinately happy when things work out this way. And that $25 a month will come in handy down the road.

I have not completely abandoned exercise, though it is much less of a priority than it has been at other times. Now I get to play racquetball with him once or twice a week, and if I got my act together I could do other things after work on my own.

There was a time when I got up before dawn to walk around the neighborhood. That time has passed, and I wish I could get it back. I'd like to return to the days in which dragging myself out of bed shortly after the alarm was not the norm.

Enough. I'll figure out my next move here, then take a walk for chili powder and oatmeal. Cold, windy, but gloriously sunny.


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