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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Racquetball and other minutiae

I love our racquetball nights. We don't keep score, we don't pay much attention to who should be serving when, but we get a good hour's workout and we generally have a good time. Last night was no exception.

I was off my game, which isn't saying much, since I don't have much of a game to begin with. But I was adequately worn out by the time I went to bed, and I'm just the faintest bit sore today. I plan a 9 pm bedtime tonight, though. My lids are drooping already.

The grad school thing looks slim for the emphasis I want, the school's campus is farther away than I realized, etc. Oh, well, it was worth the dream.

I got all of my quilt squares sewn together yesterday, it's wonky, but not as wonky as I expected it to be. Today, provided I can keep my eyes open long enough, I will measure and cut the border strips and hopefully get them sewn. If not, I will sew them tomorrow before class. I'm actually making an itty-bitty quilt, all by myself. This excites me much more than it probably should.

I didn't do anything on the book yesterday, and as tired as I am today I don't know if I will again. However, FM has a marathon this weekend, so hopefully I'll redeem myself then.

Sunny and cold again this afternoon. I missed the snow yesterday by not looking out the window for an hour, silly me.

I wonder if the machines have been filled?


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