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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Great Day So Far

Today has been a great day, and that's not something I have said much lately. After spending the morning bonding with him, I looked through Stitch 'n Bitch and decided how I was going to use the Berocco Flax I bought on sale at Kitnits yesterday afternoon: Tank Girl, here I come. Of course, I needed more than I initially bought.

I went to market and got the requisite veggies we were out of, then went to Kitnits for the additional skeins of Flax. The linen yarn is so soft and shiny, I can't wait to play with it.

I then went to explore Labadie Looms, which I'd read about somewhere in the Knitting Bloggers webring (sorry I can't remember where), you know, rather than in the yellow pages. They have some really amazing yarns, though the only thing I bought today was a package of cable needles (I'm thinking of trying a swatch, just for the heck of it. I'll definitely go back, it's just that I bought more yarn than I'd intended yesterday.

While I was there, I actually spoke up when the other customer and the owner were talking about knitting, and the three of us ended up having a nice conversation about knitting and politics and a few other odds and ends in between. I exchanged contact info with the other customer (on a Labadie Looms card) and we are planning on getting together at some point.

Oh, cool, when we were talking I mentioned Big Bad (which I had in the car, of course) and she said she'd like to see it. When I brought it in, she asked to see how seed stitch was done / circular needles were used, so I sat down and showed her! Me, miss shrinking violet.

Once I left Labadie, I stopped at a little ice cream shop and got a rootbeer float with chocolate ice cream, yum!

Like I said, I've had a great day.

And I still have time to knit or write or both. I'm a happy human.


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