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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Some progress on some things

Knitting has been going well, I'm three inches from the top border of BBBB and am on the last balls of yarn. Of course, I'm now looking at it and wondering if I will actually have enough to finish properly. This baby may end up with a severely wonky blanket. What was that warning about swatching?

No writing has been accomplished lately outside of a few half-hearted attempts at morning pages. This has to change soon.

I got a battery and a lens cap for the new-to-me camera and found some basic how-to information about what all the wheels and dials mean, I'll probably start playing with it this weekend.

Work is a grinding torture and I found something that needs to be fixed by someone who just doesn't have time to fix it, which will mean my head in the long run. Yeah, I'm ready for the three-day-weekend.

However, none of that really matters when I have the evening to do some reading and get ready to be lulled to sleep by the impending storm.

Oh, yeah, no progress on the bucket hat since the first few days. I should get it out, but just the thought of it makes my hands ache.

Hopefully back before too many days.


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