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Friday, August 27, 2004

Speedy Service

I got home today to find my Elann order on my desk! I knew they said priority mail, but I'm still impressed. I love the color of the yarn; I'm looking forward to going to Oh Susannah tomorrow and seeing about needles. Hopefully I will have Paris Loop to show before too long.

I did some sock knitting this afternoon, but haven't done any knitting this evening bcause my left hand is feeling a bit tender. I'll get back into it tomorrow.

I joined Secret Pals III last night, it should be an interesting exercise, I have some potential ideas already and have been reading a lot of interesting blogs in anticipation. I may answer a set of questions soon, but not tonight.

No writing again today, not much of anything else either. I spent another day on my own personal emotional rollercoaster, it seems I've got passes to the head of the line consistently now. I spent lunch thinking the situation out again and stayed on the verge of tears most of the time. I'm glad it's a Friday evening and I have the next two days to not interact with many people or think about students or administration. Granted, I won't really be able to relax about work for another three weeks, but the weekends to provide small doses of relief.

Down With Love was a lot of fun last night, very silly and exactly what I needed. Take every cliche from the Rock Hudson/Doris Day genre and stretch them as far as possible, hilarity will ensue. It's one I'll probably watch again, I need to so he can see the whole thing. I started watching it late and he came home about two-thirds of the way through it.

I'm still thinking about grad school possibilities, but I don't know if I have the concentration to be able to successfully deal with the GREs. This is what happens when you are stupid and young and let yourself skate through undergraduate work. Of course, that's also what makes me worry about my ability to succeed in an MLS program to begin with, GREs or no GREs.

Okay, enough, I'm going to feed the cats and do some reading and hope that tomorrow will be somehow soothing. I should go to my folks' and look through the boxes of my stuff they've managed to corral in their clear-out effort.


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