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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Finished Object Photo and More

Big Bad Baby Blanket in all its drapey glory. Posted by Hello

I tried to post unblocked and blocked images, but I couldn't figure out how to get Hello to do that, so maybe I'll try the unblocked version in the next post.

The mother of the recipient liked it a lot, I hope the baby does too. I'm about a third of the way through the second blanket, and have gotten past the ribbing on the top of my first sock. The sock is going to be too big. I didn't bother to swatch and I over estimated the number of stitches I needed, but I'm going to plug away anyway. It's my first sock, it's allowed to be wonky.

I'm not writing much again, but I did get my pretty personalized stationery in the mail today, and, as a bonus, it came in a lovely green box.

I placed my first order with the other day -- 4 balls of Gedifra Cicco in Lichen to make Paris Loop from I'm actually using the suggested yarn for a project. I just need to find the correct needles and I'll be set.

As for the rest of life, work isn't getting any less stressful, and neither is the family situation. I'm avoiding crowds whenever possible and spending most of my time at home. I'm also eating a lot of junk lately, which isn't good, since I'm only exercising once a week during racquetball. I need to make a few changes.

Movie Recommendation: Door to Door starring William H. Macy. He gives a truly amazing performance in his portrayal of a door-to-door salesman with cerebral palsy. It is a touching story with a variety of convincing performances. It was just what I needed last night. This evening I'm planning to watch Down With Love.

I guess that's it, not much for a week's absence, huh? Sorry about that. I thought I would have more to say than I did. I'm just sort of blue and paralyzed in terms of communication.


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