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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I recreated the sock cuff again in the more me-sized version. It's a little wonky though, because I haven't been paying attention and I keep picking up the wrong circular end, then I have to pull it out of the stitches and thread the right one in. It's amazing that I haven't completely dropped several stitches.

I'm on the final needle of Paris Loop, it's coming together pretty well. I should be able to have it done by next weekend.

I did a couple of rows on the blanket, it's still sort of languishing, though.

Work is slowing to something closer to normal again, the first days are over, students are settling into their routines.

The weather was cool enough today for me to wear the cashmere sweater my sister gave me a few weeks ago. Of course, I looked at it and tried to imagine knitting an entire garment at that gauge. Granted, I know it was machine knit, but still. It was nice and soft and just warm enough for the day.

Nothing but knitting accomplished after work for the past couple of days. I need to re-focus on housework again sometime soon.


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