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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Yarn and Waterfowl

I went to the yarn shop to get something for my secret pal. I did, but not what I originally planned, and I didn't stop there. I bought myself some Noro Kureyon, I think I may use it to make a felted bag of some sort. I stayed at the shop for a really long time today, she's still organizing things and I came across things I hadn't seen before; lots of things I would love to take home, but I have lots of yarn already and not enough time or knitting speed to get through all of it anytime soon.

I worked on Paris Loop and the striped blanket today. I'm onto the second ball of purple on the blanket, I made a point of working on it until I reached that place this evening. I worked on the poncho in the park for a while, but I was distracted by the heron. I finally gave up knitting and followed it around the park with my camera.

I got a few photos of it this time, but not quite as many as before. There was a weird moment when it looked like the geese had ganged up on him and were trying to stare him down. Literally fifty geese or more all at one side of the pond, all looking at the heron while he stood on a rock near the shore. Very strange.

My secret pal commented again today and is planning to send stuff soon. Hi secret pal, thanks for thinking of me! In answer to your weather comment, it was high 70s/low 80s with low humidity today, a very pretty late summer day. I hope things get a bit cooler for you soon.

I realized after I signed off earlier that I hadn't mentioned September 11th. My heart and thoughts have been with the families of the victims all day. I hope that as time goes by, your pain is transforming into something more bearable for you.


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